As Featured in "Ultimate Entrepreneur Success Secrets" by Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer and…

The book is finally published!
I’m featured in a book by Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer!
How COOL is that!

Ultimate Entrepreneur Success Secrets

Inspiring Stories of Triumph
by Chicagoland’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs

by Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, and Lee Milteer


I know a lot of the people featured in the book personally. The common trait they all share is that they are all positive and focused and they all TAKE ACTION. Despite the economy, despite the gloomy news, many of them had their best year ever in 2009… and they’ll have a better year in 2010 because they take action. They have a plan and they DO IT.

They KNOW they have the power to control the results they get and they act accordingly. They respond to reality. They don’t ‘buy in’ to the largely manufactured negativity we’re hammered with daily in the news.

People’s buying habits have changed, make no mistake, but they are STILL BUYING. The smart small business owner makes a plan and implements the plan to make sure they get in front of the crowd when they’re shopping for that product or service.

Other Featured Entrepreneurs from the book:

One of the featured Successful Entrepreneurs in the book is Michael Frank (Chapter 41). Michael is the owner of Earwig Music Company, Inc., a record label and artist management company.

One of Earwig’s artists is David ‘Honeyboy’ Edwards. Last weekend NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams ran a feature on Honeyboy and is likely to rebroadcast Sunday 12/20 on Today Show weekend Sunday morning and/or on the news that night.

Check out Honeyboy’s bio at Earwig Music

And if you missed the broadcast, here’s the clip:

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