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Humans aren’t the only visitors to your website. The other visitors are the so-called ‘spiders’ and ‘robots’ sent to crawl the internet like invisible spies who collect information about web pages and websites. They report this information back to their bosses, the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL and maybe even Bill Gates himself (we don’t know for sure, no spider has ever talked).

While it’s true that your website needs to be friendly to people so they can easily find what they’re looking for and buy it online or contact your business for further information, there’s more.

Your website needs to give the search engines what they want too. If the search engines get what they want, there’s a much better chance you, the small business owner, will get what you want.

That’s where Search Engine Optimization comes in. To optimize means “to make as effective, perfect, or useful as possible.” Each page of your website should be designed in such a way that that the content will be completely indexed to the keywords and terms that your customers are using when they search online for the products and services you offer.

Get More in the Door Online Marketing’s SEO Process is designed to drive more targeted traffic to relevant pages on your site, or landing pages as they are called. This results in higher overall traffic and higher conversion rates.

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