Local Online Marketing – Your Customers, Clients and Patients Are Looking for You Online

Ben Franklin eyes $100 bill Your customers, clients and patients ARE looking for you online and they may be carrying pictures of this distinguished gentleman in their wallets.

It is more important than ever before that local business use the Internet to attract new customers, clients and patients.

Savvy owners of small and mid-size businesses know that traditional methods of marketing are less effective than they used to be. Mass marketing in print media does not work as well as it used to. The days are gone when you could blast an ad via newspaper or TV to a general audience in the hopes of finding the people who wanted your product or service.

The Times They Are A-changin’

Customers are demanding more control and they have more choices. People are bombarded by sales messages all day long, in print, on TV and radio, and even through telemarketing. So they do what any smart person would do.

They fast-forward through the junk they don’t want to see. They TIVO. They flip channels.

I do it. I’ll bet you do it too.

Now, here’s the neat part. They DO search online for the goods and services they want and need.

Then they buy from the local businesses that fill that need.

Two-thirds use online search to find what they want and then more than half of them BUY!

Stop just a second and read that again.

Two-thirds use online search to find what they want and then more than half of them BUY!

According to a brand new study by TMP Directional Marketing:

  • 67% of local business searchers indicated online search as their primary source of local business info.
  • 54% of all online local business searchers went on to make a purchase whether in person, online or by phone.
  • 32% of local business searchers with an internet-capable cell phone conducted a local business search, an 11% increase from 2008.

When they search, it is your obligation to be at the top of the search engine results so you can be found!

I’ll say it as plainly as I can:


If you have a small or mid-sized local business and do not have a web site you may be missing out on an enormous opportunity for new customers and profits.

If you have a web site and it is NOT on the first page of the search engine, your chance of being found is substantially reduced.

If you have a web site and it is NOT on the first three pages of the search engines, your chance of being found by a potential customer, client or patient, frankly, is ZILCH!

So, now what? What’s the next step?

If you DON’T have a website get your FREE evaluation to see how putting your local business online can help you grow and prosper.

If you DO have a website and it can’t be found in the search engines with a pair of binoculars and a team of bloodhounds get your FREE web site review.

If you are completely satisfied with the status quo and you have plenty of customers, ignore this information.

But if the deepest recession in 75 years has your stomach in knots and is giving you a monster headache figuring out how to make payroll and cover your overhead ignore this information AT YOUR PERIL!

You realize of course, that your competition might be reading this same information right now.

Free Evaluation

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Then if it makes sense, we will create a no obligation proposal identifying ways we can help you achieve your business growth.

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