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Just because you have a website, it doesn’t mean that people will be able to find your law practice when they need to. In fact a lot of attorneys have been led to think that a website is a magic bullet that automatically brings in streams of new clients.

You probably found out. It doesn’t work that way. You have the website but now even Sherlock Holmes couldn’t find it with binoculars and a bloodhound. Numerous studies have shown that over 80% of people searching for a service online don’t look past page one in the search engines, i.e., Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

How on earth are they going to find your law firm on page three, four, five or beyond?

Having a website is just one part of the equation.

The SOLUTION lies in the second part of the online marketing equation… search engine marketing.

Website + Search Engine Marketing = New Leads = New Clients

The Internet is more sophisticated and competitive than it was just a few years ago. That is a FACT.

Other attorneys, your competition, are more sophisticated in their marketing efforts. That is a FACT.

The only question is how do you respond?

If your answer is to meet the challenge, I can help you do that. I’ve been online since 2002, building websites and seeing what works and what doesn’t in online marketing.

I’ve put together a RISK-FREE package that can move you up in the search engines.

It’s our entry-level search engine marketing package for attorneys. We focus on search terms where you can win fast and also build on the more competitive terms for your law practice.

So, here’s the deal. I’m doing all I can to make this an irresistible offer.

The regular cost of this package for 30 days is $347. I’ve decided to offer you a 72% discount off that price, which makes it just $97. In addition, I’m throwing in $100 worth of pay-per-click advertising. Those are those ads at the very top and along the sides of a search engine page.

That’s right, a $347 attorney search marketing package for just $97 PLUS you get $100 of pay-per-click advertising. You come out ahead 3 bucks in this bargain.

I only take one client per practice area, per geographic location so I’m selective about clients I take on.

That other lawyer in town, your competitor, just got another client online while you were reading this. It’s your move, counselor,

Let’s talk to see if you qualify. Click here to schedule your phone appointment.

Paul Nadrowski from Get More In The Door Online Marketing is a leading authority in local online marketing with ten years of online marketing experience. Working with select clients, Get More In The Door Online Marketing can infuse a business with hundreds of new customers after designing and implementing a strategic plan.

Paul is the Chicago Online Marketing Examiner at and he and Get More In The Door Online Marketing are featured in two books:

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